Hidden Danger While Driving this Time of the Year

 Boston-Fall-drivingAutumn can be a great time to go for a ride in your car in New England. Many Boston Area drivers look forward to long rides “leaf peeping” through Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Vermont right about now. But there is a hidden danger on the roadways during the Fall. A danger that new or inexperienced drivers should be aware of. (Or experienced drivers who do know about this already should remind themselves of it as they head out driving in the Fall.)

  The danger is…. wet leaves. Just plain old leaves, soaked by the rain. Sounds innocent enough- but leaves in the road, when they get wet, can be just as slippery as ice. If you have never skidded on wet leaves, it might be hard for you to believe this, but it’s true. Even with ABS, hit a patch of wet leaves when you’re driving too fast- and you may suddenly find that the nice used car you just bought is out of control and heading for the guardrail. It can be exactly as if you had hit a patch of ice.

  An even worse situation is when the temperature of a wet patch of leaves drops below the freezing point. When the temperature drops below freezing, it doesn’t even take very much water for leaves to become every bit as slippery as ice. A little bit of water is all it takes at that point.

  And just like ice and snow, a pile of leaves can hide a debris in the road or a pothole. It doesn’t take a whole lot of leaves to obscure a pothole from  view, and if you hit it just right, it can easily destroy that nice alloy wheel on your car.

  Autumn-Driving-BostonTo make matters worse, at this time of year we move the clocks back an hour, resulting  in more driving in the dark. Wet leaves leaves on a dark, rain-swept road can be a real hidden danger, especially for someone not familiar with the situation. (For example someone who is a new driver, or someone who has moved to New England from another part of the country.)

  So what can you do to avoid skidding on wet leaves?

  It’s pretty simple. Slow down if you are driving on a road covered with leaves, especially when driving around turns. If the leaves are wet, treat them exactly as you would a patch of ice.  Allow yourself plenty of room to stop in an emergency. Keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you.

  Just slowing down can make all the difference. Most importantly, just keep in mind that wet leaves are a hidden danger. When you see them in the road, be aware of it and treat the condition as you would ice in the road.

   MA-fall-roadAnd BTW, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure your headlights are clean, your windshield is clean, (inside and out), and that your windshield wipers are working well. These are all very inexpensive ways to  make sure  you are don’t find yourself driving on a dark road with poor headlights and a streaky, obscured windshield, oblivious to the wet leaves lurking  in your path.

It’s worth it to be prepared.


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That’s the conclusion of a new report from Interest.com, a consumer-finance site owned by Bankrate. The report looked at median household incomes across the U.S. and concluded that new cars are out of reach for many Americans — or should be.

It sounds a little crazy, but for those of us concerned about the economy — which should be all of us — it’s worth a closer look.

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Auto Manufacturing in Newton, MA?

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